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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Elisabeta Hermann

Elisabeta Hermann “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
(Pablo Picasso)


Elisabeta Hermann - Fine Art Painter

About the artist:

Born, Elisabeta Meszaros,in Transilvania, city of Arad, Romania.
Elisabeta (Betty) is Romanian of Hungarian descent.
From an early age, Elisabeta's mother saw her potential as an artist and encouraged her studies through elementary school.
Elisabeta is a European Trained Artist. As she reached her teen years and entered high school, she transferred to the "Fine Arts High School" in Arad where she studied and excelled in all aspects of 2D and 3D art. There Betty started to study the REAL ART in it’s all depth….followed by years of hard work.
At age 16, Elisabeta sold her first piece of art, a sculpture statue of "Buddha" (20cmX20cm in clay). An older gentleman saw her carrying the statue in a mesh bag and asked her if she wanted to sell it. The work was not completely dry and Betty told the gentleman this, not really wanting to sell the statue. He continued to follow her to where her mother worked, insisting he wanted to buy it right then.
One need be mindful that this was 1975 Romania under Communist rule. The economy was very poor and every bit of income counted.
Betty questioned her mother as to what to do. Her mother simply looked at her and asked, "Have you lost your mind?" then told her to sell it.
Betty's professors at the often criticized her in the intermediate stages of her paintings because she had "Too Many Colors on her pallet" and she "would never be able to bring all the colors she had together in a finished painting." In spite of this, Betty always successfully completed her paintings, to their amazement.
Betty migrated to the USA in Nov. of 2004 to marry her current husband, John, and restarted to paint in the USA in Jan. of 2006. Since than she exhibited in several major galleries in Richmond and Petersburg (VA) area (such as: Crossroads Art Gallery, Art Works and Petersburg Regional Art Center) mainly, participated in several juried shows and earned multiple I, II, III placements and an Honorable Mention; she also exhibited in Fort Lauderdale (FL), Winning the 2nd Place in the Prestigous Juried Show event, "Masquerade"

Several of Betty's works are in Art Collections in: Virginia, New York, Montana, Florida, California, Kentucky, Arkansas, Chicago, Colorado and Panama City (Panama).

Elisabeta relocated in Denver (CO) area recently. Her goal now it is to be a part of Denver's wonderful Art Community and achieve similar successes as she did in VA.

She can not express in words how honored she feels to be part of this gorgeous Art Community, FAA, surrounded by all these brilliant artists!


"My goal is to express my feelings and emotions thru lines, colors, brushstrokes; I LOVE to know that people really appreciates my artwork and, maybe, have the desire of hosting that small part of my heart and my soul in their own homes…
Thank you for visiting my Gallery,

A short addition to what Elisabeta has to say about herself:
"Here is a little about how I paint: I think about a new painting sometimes for several months, and I create it (almost completely) in my mind. I don't sketch anything. I don't practice anything. I just draw and paint and I always go for the “final work". I work hard and I scrutinize every piece I paint. I am very sensitive indeed and I do everything in my power to see my creations well received.
I love colors; I love to know that my works lit up the walls of the locations where they will hang one day.
Many of my works have deep messages; emotions expressed with the goal of reaching and touching the viewers’ ”inner world”. I paint for the world. I paint my soul and my heart, and I would like to show others my emotions, my feelings.
Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my art is appreciated enough to hang on somebody's wall.



Betty's works are exhibited in 2 prestigious juried online Galleries:

"Xanadu Gallery" - Scottsdale/ AZ/ USA - Tel: 866.483.1306
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